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Getting your car insured couldn’t be simpler. Every single insurance plan that we offer is personalised & tailored to meet the exact specifications of your vehicle.

Easy & Secure

Compare quotes from top car insurance companies instantly with no hassle. Offering peace of mind service at your doorstep.

Upto 60% OD Discount

Save money on the car insurance, We offer the ideal coverage for your car while helping you get the best discount possible.

Best Price

With various options to choose from, you can be rest assured that you get the right coverage for your car at the best price possible.

Custom Add-ons

Customise your policy. Car Insurance Add-ons saves you tons of money at the time of claims. We offer tools to pick the right ones for you.

Think Getting a Car Insurance is All That Complicated?

Ain’t true. All that it will take you to do is provide us with some basic info about your vehicle and yourself!

Info about your vehicle


Auto accidents & violations history


Your Personal & Financial Details


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60% Off! New Car Discount

Save up to 60% on the OD Premium if you’re a new car buyer. We ensure you make the right choice in choosing your Insurance policy

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Why Highline is Your Smartest Choice?

Easy Experience

Simple application process and a dedicated customer support team at your service.

Serious Savings

Get the maximum benefits & pay minimum price.

No Selling, No Jargon

Just facts about Car Insurance. We keep it really simple.

Compare your Policy

We help you know if there are insurers in the market who have better schemes to offer.

Easy & Fast, Apply & Get Insured!

Request a free quote in just a few steps.

Provide details

Just give us some details, like the brand, year, make of your car.

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With that and some extra features questions answered, you get a quote.

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See what you are offered and if you like it – sign up for one of our insurance plans!

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